How to Prepare for MySQL Certification Exam

How to Prepare for MySQL Certification Exam

How to Prepare for MySQL Certification Exam

Here I am going to suggest MySQL DBA, student or any newbie that how they can prepare for "Oracle's MySQL 5.x Database Administrator" certification exam. 

Step 1: Lab

-- Prepare your local MySQL lab environment and make sure to install the respective MySQL version on your lab. (i.e., if you are going to appear on MySQL 5.6 DBA exam 1Z0-883 then install MySQL 5.6 on your lab) 

-- You can follow my below blog post to create your local MySQL lab environment. 

Step 2: Book + HandsOn Experience

-- If you don't have below book, then go right now and purchase this book. (Here Please, you don't judge that below-suggested book is for 5.0 version whereas you are going to prepare for MySQL 5.6/5.7 DBA certification exam. Just go ahead and purchase below book. In the end, you will definitely say it was your investment for yourself.) 

-- Read above book from the first page to the last page and make sure to test the covered topics on your local lab setup to get hands-on experience. 

Step 3: What's New + HandsOn Experience

-- Now go to your exam's MySQL version's MySQL reference manual and find the "What is new in MySQL {version}" reference manual page. 

Like If I need to appear on MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Exam (1Z0-888) then I will find below page. 

-- Read the "Features Added in MySQL 5.x" section and its related links in-depth and get hands-on experience with the new features introduced in new MySQL version. 


I am sure once you will do all the above steps then definitely you will be able to clear MySQL DBA certification exam. 

Don't go with any shortcut path like exam dump, by doing this you might be able to clear the exam, but you won't be able to deliver your best in practical on client's environment as well as you won't be able to succeed in your longer career path.

*** All the best for your certification exam ***

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